Maid Brigade's MaidSmart is the Smart Choice in Technology

September 19, 2006 - From the beginning, Maid Brigade's technology was developed for a sole purpose—to support its franchisees’ business. Since then, the company had offered some of the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the residential maid services industry. And, now with the introduction of MaidSmart™ powered by ServMan™, the latest in its line of technology products, Maid Brigade is forging ahead again.

“We’ve maintained our position as a leader in the industry by equipping franchisees with the right tools,” explained Raychel Leong-Sullins, Director of Management Information Systems. “Since the 1980's we've been working for, and with, our franchisees to develop software to help them focus on growing their business. MaidSmart, the latest technology in the industry, is designed for daily use by our franchisees for team organization, client management, scheduling and payment processing.”

Like its predecessor, the highly-acclaimed, proprietary industry leading software MicroMaid, MaidSmart is vital tool in the day-to-day operation of a Maid Brigade residential cleaning franchise. In addition to assisting franchisees in efficiently running their business, MaidSmart powered by ServMan offers over 40 features including the new client data wizard; inter-office task management; intelligent auto-scheduling; optimized routing; plus, productivity, marketing, and sales analysis.

“Preserving the proprietary functions of our MicroMaid software while adding the benefits of ServMan has proven to be an optimal solution. Furthermore, working with a committee of franchise owners has given us ‘front line’ insight into what’s important. Maid Brigade has developed the best possible product,” Leong-Sullins said.

MaidSmart offers key third-party integration products to help make franchisees even more efficient and successful. These include Microsoft® MapPoint®, QuickBooks® Synchronization and Batch Credit Card Processing to name just a few.

She continued, “MapPoint when used in conjunction with MaidSmart will optimize team routes for greater travel efficiency, taking into account preferred appointment times and other parameters to enhance service quality and increase franchise profitability.

“QuickBooks synchronization allows franchisees to synchronize data, in one easy step, from MaidSmart to QuickBooks to better manage their Maid Brigade finances. While batch credit card processing enables them to automatically set-up MaidSmart to process, authorize and deposit credit card transactions electronically, leveraging a third-party gateway, ensuring streamlined cash efficiency.”

The response to MaidSmart has been overwhelming. Since its introduction at the annual Franchisee Convention, franchisees using MaidSmart have been extremely pleased with the results. “Our franchisees drive the business and technology holds an important place. We listened to our franchisees and delivered the enhancements and features they asked for. No one else in this industry offers this type of product or the level of support we provide. MaidSmart powered by ServMan is the next generation in residential cleaning technology,” Leong-Sullins concluded.

Providing professional home cleaning with a focus on “Customers For Life,” Maid Brigade is “The Franchise Choice of Smart Business People for Over 20 Years!” There are over 400 Maid Brigade housecleaning franchise locations currently servicing the needs of their busy clients. The demand for professional maid service is high, and there are territories available to qualified candidates that are interested in owning a Maid Brigade business.

For additional information, contact Maid Brigade, Inc. at (800) 722-6243 or visit them on the web at Maid Brigade - Small Business Franchise Opportunity with Maid Brigade.