Hello All,

I am trying to get a simplified macro that will assist me in producing a very large volume direct mail, mail merge job using mappoint 2004 and Word 2003.

I have a data file that will contain approx 50,000 records that will be used to generate a 1 to 1 marketing direct mail piece. A street address element will be used to generate the mappoint map which will be placed in the document and spooled to a high volume laser printer.

Ultimately I would like the map to be merged into the document while the file is merging, but if a new mult-page document has to be created with the maps embedded this could work also. For option 2, I would have to be able to merge the data in 1000 record increments.

I have downloaded the mapmerge.exe macro from the MSDN site and proved that this is possible. The MSDN macro is quite involved and I am looking for a derivative or something more streamlined.

Thanks in advance for any help!