Step 3: Are Bird's Eye Images Available?
In the next step I use a small .NET-application which I developed myself to retrieve the centroid of each of those tile-shapes:
SELECT BBox">.STCentroid">().STAsText">() FROM [VE-Tiles] WHERE ID">=24

The application will spool out a HTML-document and a JavaScript. Once I run this script the map will be positioned on each
point and execute the Virtual Earth method GetBirdseyeScene(). It will also update the database and set a flag for each tile where
we have Bird's Eye images.


Step 4: Create the Tile-Set

My tiny application can do even more. It will generate colored tiles with a name (quadkey) and size (256 x 256) which matches those of the original VE-tiles. With some GDI-methods I will create the tiles for the lower zoom-levels. And that's it. I have now my tile-set which I can overlay on top of Virtual Earth. Check out the mashup here.

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