Denver, CO -- Mapping Solutions LLC today unveiled its latest version of the Map-In-A-Box data
product for MapInfo Professional or ESRI ArcGIS. Map-In-A-Box incorporates updated NavTech and
Geographic Data Technology (GDT) street level data for North America and NavTech street level data
for Europe.

“Map-In-A-Box is based around Microsoft MapPoint technology,” said Mapping Solutions Vice President
Duncan Campbell. “It has been extremely well-received by a variety of users since it was first released in
October 2002 and this latest version delivers even more value.”

Version 1.5 of Map-In-A-Box includes the ability to generate street level maps, to create multiple drivetimes
polygons, to geocode batch and single records to the street-number and to reverse geocode. The
product is priced at 1495.00 USD/Euros for a single user. This new version also features, for the first
time, the option to turn points of interest on and off giving the user a more flexible map display.

The European Edition of Map-In-A-Box has expanded address-finding capabilities and detailed street
network data for Sweden, Portugal, Norway, and Finland. This is in addition to the street network data
and geocoding for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain,
Switzerland and United Kingdom currently available.

Map-In-A-Box also includes enhanced capabilities to interoperate with Mapping Solutions' Terraviewer
product. Now, when viewing an aerial image in TerraViewer , the Map-In-A-Box reverse-geocoding and
find location tools can be used to query the aerial imagery. The looked up location is added as a label to
the aerial imagery georeferenced in the correct location.

Mapping Solutions also announced today that it is dissolving its master European distribution agreement
with Infotech Enterprises Europe. This is a mutual decision between both companies. Infotech will
continue to promote the product as a reseller in the United Kingdom. Mapping Solutions will now sell
directly and distribute through its resellers in Europe.

A free 14 day evaluation version of Map-In-A-Box for MapInfo Professional or ESRI ArcGIS can be
downloaded from

About Mapping Solutions:
Mapping Solutions helps corporations make better business decisions using mapping technology in the
United States, Canada and Europe. Mapping Solutions is the manufacture of Map-In-A-Box Solo Edition,
European Edition and North American Edition. In addition, Mapping Solutions is the manufacturer of
TerraViewer which delivers for aerial images to MapInfo Professional and ESRI ArcGIS.

For more information regarding Mapping Solutions' Map-In-A-Box product family please contact Duncan
Campbell at (517)-332-7735 or visit us at