Burnaby, B.C. - March 17, 2003 - Linxoft Solutions Inc., creator of MapLinX Pro™, a powerful MapPoint Add-in tool for interactive query management and visualization of enterprise data from multiple databases, today released the beta version of the software. The intuitive graphical user interface of MapLinX Pro™ and its ability to simultaneously connect to and plot data from Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DBF, and many other data sources makes the software very unique.

MapLinX Pro™ increases productivity by enabling the users to share their queries in a distributed environment. The software possesses extensive business intelligence capabilities including the ability to geocode, query, map, and analyze client information projected on a virtual map. When coupled with MapPoint, the combined feature sets of MapLinX Pro™ and MapPoint augment one another to create a powerful ability for clients to perform multi-dimensional, location specific business intelligence.

About Linxoft Solutions Inc.
Linxoft develops and markets innovative solutions to businesses. We recognize the immense return on investment realized in business solutions, which enables us to focus heavily on maximizing the utilization of technology to bring our products and services to market. Our mission is to implement the "best" solution in all instances, thus allowing our team to grow strong relationships with our clients and trading partners.
We specialize in product development, software integration, and business solutions such as Microsoft CRM, Pivotal eRelationship CRM, MapInfo, MapPoint 2002, and the .NET technology.