MapLinX Pro - A Mapping Solution Used to Visualize, Analyze, and Communicate Your Information on a Map

MapLinX Pro is a powerful and feature-packed add-on query management tool that works seamlessly with Microsoft MapPoint 2004. It uses the MapPoint technology engine to give you an effective and user friendly mapping solution. Perfect for small or large organizations, MapLinX Pro will help your company save time and money by streamlining your operations. Users will be able to create queries, plot data on the map, and analyze sales and territory data easily and quickly.

MapLinX Pro is able to:

1) Connect to one or multiple different kinds of databases (SQL Server, Act, Oracle, DBF Fox Pro, Access, Excel files), which allows you to work with your existing database(s).

2) Use its complete Query Builder abilities. Create your own queries, with your desired fields/inputs
- parameter searching
- SQL language search capability using wildcard searches
- joining database tables which can make your queries more specific

3) Users can be more productive by sharing queries with others in your networked environment.

4) Create a query once and use it multiple times.

5) Manage your sales territories and plan and create trips and driving directions.

6) Plot your clients or products on the map, and find nearest places of interest.

7) Perform a radius search, and export selected items into an Excel file for use with your marketing mailers.

MapLinX Pro also has optional advanced features:

Advanced Features of MapLinX Pro

GPS Loader

The MapLinX Pro GPS Loader interprets raw GPS coordinate data from moving objects into a series of locations on a map. GPS locations are loaded as a series based on time, and can also be displayed with addresses derived from MapPoint's database, providing a more readable set of data to track vehicles.

Advanced Territory Manager

This feature allows you to define multi-level custom territories by grouping geographic units that can be used to represent any type of information. You can use MapLinX Pro to easily map and identify overlapping territories that are used in your business. For example, you can use MapLinX Pro Territories Manager to project publisher/phone book coverage, sales areas, marketing regions, and service coverage areas.


MapLinX Pro Geocoder offers an important step in mapping your business data, optimizing searches, defining territories, and analyzing your market. It increases search performance and ensures address accuracy when visualizing business location information, such as stores, customers and competitors. Geocoding is done by matching your data against MapPoint’s comprehensive address repository, its street geometry, and the latest ZIP + 4/postal code.

Select By Shapes

The Select By Shapes feature creates a tree view of all the pushpins inside each shape drawn on the map. This data can then be exported to a text file for further action.

Query Transfer Tool

The Query Transfer Tool allows you to share queries with other MapLinX Pro users in a networked environment. This is a convenient feature for sharing queries with co-workers.

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