MapDotNet Supports VE 6.0 platform
At GeoInt 2007 this week in San Antonio ISC will show off the latest version of MapDotNet Server imagefeaturing support for the just released Virtual Earth 6.0 platform. [PR here] If you're building GIS applications for the web, this is a killer combo worth checking out. MDNS is a real time data pump bringing your enterprise spatial data from sources like ArcSDE, PostGIS, and SQL Server to the industries leading visualization platform for the web. And if Visual Studio isn't already your favorite Web IDE, soon it will be. MDNS includes VS templates to help you get a fast start.



Virtual Earth 6.0 Feature Dive
From Dr. Neil who brought us Via Virtual Earth for developers comes Via Windows Live, as you might guess a resource for building applications with the Windows Live Platform including Virtual Earth. Do yourself a favor and subscribe - the site is loaded with tips code for developing with all of the components of Windows Live. Start with John O'Brien's recent look at what's new in VE v6.*

Get start with 3DVIA Modeling
We launched a tech preview of 3Dvia this week, a really straight forward 3D modeling tool designed for almost everyone. [PR here] Almost everyone? Building textured 3 dimensional representations of real-world buildings is pretty advanced stuff. One of our goals with 3Dvia is to simplify to the point that ANYONE an create realistic models. I don't think we're quite there yet but this tech preview is a giant first step towards achieving that goal. The best way to find out if 3DVia is for you or not is to try it out, and to assist in getting started here are a few pointers.

  • Online Help
  • Step By Step tutorials
  • Tutorial videos - for some reason I can't link directly to the help page that lists the videos, but if you go HERE and search for "tutorial videos" you'll see the list.
  • EarthWare blog has been posting a bunch of tutorials and other info on 3DVia
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