Is the following a bug or am I just going about the problem the wrong way? If it is a bug is it still present in Mappoint 2004? Thanks.

BACKGROUND: I have a set of pushpins representing peoples addresses. This data is linked to an MS Access table.

REQUIREMENT: To identify any pushpins that have been repositioned on the map by the user.

STRATEGY: Examine the value of MatchingMethod property for each record in the recordset and then set the corresponding pushpin's highlight property if a the current value is "Mathched by hand".

Dim objRs As MapPoint.Recordset
Set objRs = objAddressesDataSet.QueryAllRecords
Do Until objRs.EOF
objRs.Pushpin.Highlight = (objRs.MatchingMethod = geoByHand)
Set objRs = nothing

BUG?:Regardless of the value of the "Matched Status" column on the "Matching" tab of the Properties dialog, objRs.MatchingMethod is always set to geoByNone.

Is my observation correct or am I going about the problem the wrong way?