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Mappoint 2004 - SQL 2005 - CLR Integration

This is a discussion on Mappoint 2004 - SQL 2005 - CLR Integration within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hello all, I have a problem that I cannot seem to find allot of information for, this site came across ...

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    jodygreening is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Dec 2006

    Mappoint 2004 - SQL 2005 - CLR Integration

    Hello all,
    I have a problem that I cannot seem to find allot of information for, this site came across my searches many times so I figured I should start here.
    I require the ability to be able to get route info (specifically Distance) from inside a SQL 2005 Function (so that it may be displayed in a view). I know that it may be rough performance wise but I have no other option right now (I don't think anyway...)

    I created a small class library in .NET2.0 to load into the SQL Database to handle the calls to the COM+ Mappoint component. I have made much progress but now I cannot seem to get the Item to work.

    Am I missing something here with the Assembly security, or can Mappoint even be used in this context?

    C# Code:

    using System;
    using System.Globalization;
    using Microsoft.SqlServer.Server;
    using MapPoint;
    namespace CVSQLMappointAccess
    public static class CVMapPointUtility
    public static string CalcDrive(
    string calcItem, // Item to calc. TRIPTIME will give you time, Default/UnMatched will give TRIPTIME
    string calcUnits, // Units to calc in, kilometers will give you KMS, Default/UnMatched will give MILES
    string fromStreet,
    string fromCity,
    string fromStateProv,
    string fromZipPostal,
    string fromCountry,
    string toStreet,
    string toCity,
    string toStateProv,
    string toZipPostal,
    string toCountry)
    string returnValue = String.Empty;

    MapClass map = new MapClass();
    FindResults startResults = null;
    FindResults finishResults = null;
    Location startLoc = null;
    Location finishLoc = null;
    object index = 1;
    string kilometerMatchString = "KILOMETERS";
    string tripTimeMatchString = "TRIPTIME";
    string kilometerTag = "KM";
    string mileTag = "MI";
    string unitAppend;

    if (calcUnits.ToUpper() == kilometerMatchString)
    map.Application.Units = GeoUnits.geoKm;
    unitAppend = kilometerTag;
    map.Application.Units = GeoUnits.geoMiles;
    unitAppend = mileTag;
    startResults = map.FindAddressResults(fromStreet, fromCity, "", fromStateProv, fromZipPostal, fromCountry);
    finishResults = map.FindAddressResults(toStreet, toCity, "", toStateProv, toZipPostal, toCountry);
    if (startResults.ResultsQuality == GeoFindResultsQuality.geoAllResultsValid ||
    startResults.ResultsQuality == GeoFindResultsQuality.geoFirstResultGood)
    if (finishResults.ResultsQuality == GeoFindResultsQuality.geoAllResultsValid ||
    finishResults.ResultsQuality == GeoFindResultsQuality.geoFirstResultGood)
    startLoc = (Location)startResults.get_Item(ref index);
    finishLoc = (Location)finishResults.get_Item(ref index);
    map.ActiveRoute.Waypoints.Add(startLoc, "Start");
    map.ActiveRoute.Waypoints.Add(finishLoc, "Finish");
    if (calcItem.ToUpper() == tripTimeMatchString)
    returnValue = FormatTime(map.ActiveRoute.TripTime);
    returnValue = FormatDouble(map.ActiveRoute.Distance, 2) + " " + unitAppend;
    returnValue = "End Address Not Found";
    returnValue = "Start Address Not Found";
    catch (Exception)
    returnValue = "Error With Mappoint Module";
    // Clear ALL mappoint objects
    map = null;
    startResults = null;
    finishResults = null;
    startLoc = null;
    finishLoc = null;
    return returnValue;
    public static string FormatDouble(double val, int decimalPlaces)
    public static string FormatTime(double val)

    Registering the DLL with SQL 2005:

    ALTER DATABASE MyDB SET trustworthy ON
    FROM 'C:\SQLAssemblies\CVSQLMappointAccess.dll'

    NOTE: This also automatically adds the Interop.Mappoint.dll into SQL 2005 as unsafe as well.

    SQL 2005 Function:

    CREATE FUNCTION fn_calc_drive(
    @calcItem NVarChar(20),
    @calcUnits NVarChar(20),
    @fromStreet NVarChar(100),
    @fromCity NVarChar(100),
    @fromStateProv NVarChar(100),
    @fromZipPostal NVarChar(100),
    @fromCountry NVarChar(100),
    @toStreet NVarChar(100),
    @toCity NVarChar(100),
    @toStateProv NVarChar(100),
    @toZipPostal NVarChar(100),
    @toCountry NVarChar(100))
    RETURNS NVarChar(100)
    EXTERNAL NAME [CVSQLMappointAccess].[CVSQLMappointAccess.CVMapPointUtility].[CalcDrive]

    Calling the Function:

    Select dbo.fn_calc_drive(
    '1027 Wayne Pl',
    '8 Riverview Ave',
    'Mount Pearl',

    Error Received:

    Msg 6522, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
    A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user defined routine or aggregate 'CalcDrive':
    System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.
    at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind)
    at System.ComponentModel.Design.RuntimeLicenseContext .GetLocalPath(String fileName)
    at System.ComponentModel.Design.RuntimeLicenseContext .GetSavedLicenseKey(Type type, Assembly resourceAssembly)
    at System.ComponentModel.LicenseManager.LicenseIntero pHelper.GetCurrentContextInfo(Int32& fDesignTime, IntPtr& bstrKey, RuntimeTypeHandle rth)
    at CVSQLMappointAccess.CVMapPointUtility.CalcDrive(St ring calcItem, String calcUnits, String fromStreet, String fromCity, String fromStateProv, String fromZipPostal, String fromCountry, String toStreet, String toCity, String toStateProv, String toZipPostal, String toCountry)

    I did a bit of searching regarding Error 6522 and I found mention of permissions issues. I tried to register the Assemblies with EXTERNAL_ACCESS but I get the following error:

    Msg 6215, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    CREATE ASSEMBLY failed because method 'get_Application' on type 'MapPoint._Application' in external_access assembly 'Interop.MapPoint' has invalid attribute 0x1003.

    Can anybody provide any input on this?


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    mkassa is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Nov 2007

    Re: Mappoint 2004 - SQL 2005 - CLR Integration

    Hi Jody,

    I am currently having the an exact problem, I have registered my dll with unsafe, and when I try to run the CLR, I get

    System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI is empty. ....

    I am making a reference to adodb.dll, and when I take out the line of code that instatiated a new instance of adodb.Connection, it works fine.

    I would really appreciate if you could tell me how you got around it.



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