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MapPoint 2010 - compatibility of previous code?

This is a discussion on MapPoint 2010 - compatibility of previous code? within the Development forums, part of the MapPoint Desktop Discussion category; Hello and excuse me for coming to you with a question in my first post right away... I'm tasked with ...

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    MapPoint 2010 - compatibility of previous code?

    Hello and excuse me for coming to you with a question in my first post right away...

    I'm tasked with an upgrade of an Application that uses COM to communicate with MapPoint and calculate the distance of a route, as well as showing the route in a MapPoint window.

    The code should run on MapPoint 2010 as well, but I can't find a Developer Reference for 2010 anywhere - as far as MSDN Library goes, our code should work with MapPoint 2006.

    What we were using until now:

    Map.findAddressResults(street, city, othercity, region, postalcode, geoCountry)
    Can anyone please advise if these Objects, Methods and Attributes remain unchanged in 2010 or if we have to start looking for alternatives.

    Will the object model of MapPoint 2010 Desktop also be programmable via .NET? And I don't mean calling the COM in .NET code but accessing these objects with a Microsoft.MapPoint assembly?

    Thank you for your help


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    Re: MapPoint 2010 - compatibility of previous code?

    It should work fine, although you might need to change the version number when you link to the COM objects. This would typically be at compile time, but it might also occur when you create your MapPoint.Application (or control) object.

    If it was built for 2006 (including compile time options), it will still work with 2009 and 2010.
    However, if you create a MapPoint.Application object with a specific version number, then you must have that version of MapPoint installed.

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC
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