i was getting errors on all of the params for FindAddressResults - it wanted _bstr_t instead of strings and a _variant_t instead of int

to fix the FindAddressResults problem i did this ->

_bstr_t bstrStreet("400 Coronado Dr");
_bstr_t bstrCity("Denton");
_bstr_t bstrOtherCity("400 Coronado Dr");
_bstr_t bstrRegion("TX");
_bstr_t bstrPostalCode("76209");
VARIANT vtGeoCountryDefault;

VariantInit( &vtGeoCountryDefault );
V_VT(&vtGeoCountryDefault) = VT_I4;
V_I4(&vtGeoCountryDefault) = geoCountryDefault;

FindResultsPtr resultsPtr = myMapPtr->FindAddressResults
bstrStreet, bstrCity, bstrOtherCity, bstrRegion, bstrPostalCode, &vtGeoCountryDefault