This is an odd problem.

I'm using MS MapPoint Control (VB6) and I observe one difference in functionality that is available in the MapPoint application that I'm trying to implement using the control.

If in the MP application and you select an autoshape, such as a circle, on mousedown to place that circle - before mouseup you can drag and alter the size of the circle you want, and then on mouseup that pre-sizing is selected for starting circle radius.

I can't seem to get this functionality using the control. I was wondering if anyone here has seen this feature with the MP Control. Or is it just a feature of the MP Application.

In that I DO have mousedown and mouseup with the MP Control, I do see 'a way' to change the circle radius until mouse up, but it's just not clear to me before I code for this approach whether this feature is something I can simply expose from the control.

Any thoughts anyone ?

Thanks in advance

Tim Miltz