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MapPoint Library Redistribution

This is a discussion on MapPoint Library Redistribution within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; We're looking to integrate MapPoint into a .NET WinForms application that will be used internally by our salespeople for mapping ...

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    Hamaze is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Feb 2005

    MapPoint Library Redistribution

    We're looking to integrate MapPoint into a .NET WinForms application that will be used internally by our salespeople for mapping car dealership territories. This application will integrate the MapPoint COM object library into the application and there isn't really any need for the salesperson to ever use the actual MapPoint application.

    My question is whether we can re-distribute (with respect to per-seat licensing) the MapPoint COM object libaries without needing to install MapPoint. I realize that would require the registration of the object library along with the necessary program files typically installed, I was just curiuos as to if someone has taken this approach before. Thanks!

    - James

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    Wilfried is offline Senior Member Black Belt
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    Nov 2004

    You can eather buy a runtime licence of mappoint or thry to check witch component/library/file is neededto get your program running and include it in your setup. Of course it has to contain licence or it is illegal. I dont know if there is a price difference between the 2 licences (until now I always do the full since it is not expencive).

    I just found this topic in the help:

    Create an installation disc for an application created using the MapPoint Control
    Note  Each computer on which your application is installed must have either a full MapPoint license or a MapPoint run-time license; otherwise, your application's calls to MapPoint will fail.
    Purchase run-time licenses for MapPoint for recipients of your application. 
    Create your application and compile it. 
    Create the Setup file for your compiled application, making sure that it calls the MapPoint setup.exe. 
    To use the Visual Basic Package & Deployment Wizard to have your Setup file call the MapPoint setup.exe
    Create a backup of the PDWizard folder before making any changes.
    Use the Package & Deployment Wizard to have your Setup file call MapPoint setup.exe. (This assumes that you are using Visual Basic 6.0 with service pack 5) 
    Open setup1.vbp that was installed with Visual Basic from the Wizards\PDWizard\Setup1 folder. 
    Add the following code to the Form_Load event of setup1.frm after the code that installs data access: 
    '=======Beginning of call to MapPoint setup
    Dim zSetupOptions As String
    'Note: Chr(34) represents a quotation mark (")
    zSetupOptions = " USERNAME=" & Chr(34) & "User Name" & Chr(34)
    zSetupOptions = zSetupOptions & " COMPANYNAME=" & Chr(34) & "User Company" & Chr(34)
    zSetupOptions = zSetupOptions & " INSTALLLEVEL=500" 'Full installation is 500; typical installation is 100
    zSetupOptions = zSetupOptions & " INSTALLDIR=" & Chr(34) & "C:\Program Files\Microsoft MapPoint" & Chr(34) 'installation location
    zSetupOptions = zSetupOptions & " /qb" 'silent installation
    ShowStaticMessageDialog "Installing MapPoint Control Run-time"
    SyncShell gstrSrcPath & "mpcsetup.exe" & zSetupOptions
    '=======End of call to MapPoint setupNote  Your code can also prompt the user to enter setup information such as name, installation location, or the level of installation. You can also include the MapPoint disk requirements in the calculation of disk requirements for your application. For more information on how to modify setup1.vbp, see the Visual Basic online Help or the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library.
    Save the project and compile it to create setup1.exe, replacing the existing setup1.exe. 
    Launch the Package & Deployment Wizard. 
    Note  The Package & Deployment Wizard does not recognize the MapPoint Control and will ask for a dependency (.dep) file, which doesn't exist. Therefore, clear the option to install the Control.
    The Package & Deployment Wizard uses the setup1.exe you just compiled and creates the following three files: setup.exe, setup.lst, and a CAB file with the name of your project.
    Copy all files, including subfolders, from the MapPoint Setup disc to a folder &#40;<New Folder>&#41; on your computer. 
    Delete the following files from <New Folder>&#58; 
    Rename the following files in <New Folder>&#58; 
    readme.wri to mpcreadme.wri
    setup.exe to mpcsetup.exe
    Copy setup.ini from the Runtime folder to <New Folder>, and rename it to mpcsetup.ini. 
    Replace <New Folder>\MSMap\data.msi with the file of the same name from the Runtime folder. 
    Remove the following folders, along with the files and subfolders within them&#58; 
    Copy your application Setup files to <New Folder>, including at least setup.exe, setup.lst, and your project's CAB file created by the Package & Deployment Wizard. 
    Copy any other application files, such as autorun.inf, icons, executable, data, or other utilities or files that you want to include. 
    Create your application installation disc &#40;such as a CD or DVD&#41; with <New Folder> as the root folder of the disc. 
    Note  The root folder must include your application setup.exe and the MapPoint mpcsetup.exe.
    Distribute a copy of the MapPoint Run disc along with your installation disc, keeping the same volume name and file structure. 
    Note  The MapPoint Run disc contains data that is necessary either for installation or at run-time, depending on the installation option selected.
    Note  You can also deploy your application over a network.

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