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MapPoint or MapXtreme or ???

This is a discussion on MapPoint or MapXtreme or ??? within the Bing Maps and MapPoint Web Service forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hello, i'm a student working on a project to finish my studies. In this project, I have to study the ...

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    MapPoint or MapXtreme or ???


    i'm a student working on a project to finish my studies. In this project, I have to study the following scenario :

    A user call a vocal server with his mobile phone (with GPS-system)
    The vocal server becomes the mobile phone's position and record the request of the user (for example, "go to the nearest post office").
    Then the vocal server ask a GIS system to obtain a MMS of the map with the road to be followed and a message with the road to follow.
    Then the mobile phone's user become the mms and the sms and can reach his destination.

    I'm not sure yet, but if I have to developp a system to generate the MMS and the SMS, what solution is the best ? Using MapPoint, or MapXtreme or an other SDK to developp this ?

    And an other question, what are the main differences between MapPoint and MapXtreme ?

    Thanks a lot for your anwers and sorry for my bad english

    Steve, Switzerland

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    A good place to post your question would be the MapInfo-L list, see http://www.mapinfo-l.com

    I haven't developed anything with MapXtreme, but this is my understanding, anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    MapXtreme does not include street data or driving directions, it's better suited for a high-end web mapping application which requires Spatial SQL capability. Or, it is also well suited for custom data, say field plots or data for countries not included in the MapPoint Web Service.

    Another good program to check out would be the Manifold IMS as it's a lot less expensive.

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