I am currently running the 60-Day Trial version of MapPoint 2004 Euro and the basic program seems to have a lot of shortcomings when exporting data to Excel.

A PushPin balloon has two rows that can be edited. The first is made up from say the Name and Name 2 fields if the data is imported from Excel. The other is the last row and at present I cannot find a way of importing data into it. I would like to edit the first and last rows of the balloon and export the data to Excel. The basic MapPoint program does not do this. Nor does it give me any way of getting the Latitude and Longitude of a PushPin. These features I consider to be fundamental to the use of the program - so what am I missing?

Although it is possible to drag a PushPin to a new position on the map there does not seem to be any way in the basic MapPoint program to get the new position. Again surely I must be missing something.

Yes, I have found the PushPin Tool and although it solves the Lat/Long problem it does not export the edited lines. I have emailed the authors and suggested a modification. I am certain that they will be more receptive to suggestions than MicroSoft.

Finally, can someone suggest a good book so that I can look at programming some additional functionality.