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mappoint snap to road

This is a discussion on mappoint snap to road within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hi. Does mappoint have a snap to road functionality?.... ie where GPS points for road are autmatically snapped to the ...

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    Omair is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Nov 2004

    mappoint snap to road


    Does mappoint have a snap to road functionality?....
    ie where GPS points for road are autmatically snapped to the road and they don't appear on the side of the road. This deals with my preivous post, where i had points appearing on the side of the road, i've had to manually move the points onto the road and i was wondering if there was a function that could do that for me autmatically. I had write a vb program that would offset the each point by 0.0003 degrees for each latitude. does any one know of a addin that does that?

    Has anyone written a program that solves this (better then mine)?

    from reseraching this i've notices it seems to be a frequent problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help


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    Wilfried is offline Senior Member Black Belt
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    Nov 2004

    I dont think there is a 'snap to road' function. However it is pretty normal that some of the GPS positions appear not to be on a road. Some roads are not in the right position in Mappoint (most are right), and there is the GPS accuration.

    On think you can do is
    - check if you are on a road
    - if not start a circle with a given radius, and check on the circumfence of the circle if there is road. Take each point on the circumfence the same distance of the radius.
    - then increase radius and do the same. this until a given maximum of course.

    As start radius and distance I shouls start with 5 meters.

    The maximum can be depending on where you are. If the vehicle is in a city then streets can be very near to each other, do the maximum has to be smalll, because normally (depending on the application) it is better to not be on a road than to indicate it in a wrong road

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