I have recently created an application the basics for which i found this article and the application within it to be very useful


However I am trying to use a mappoint template which I have created as the basis for the map as there is some information i have put on this map which is a requirement of the application.

To open this map up as the active map I have used the line

Dim gappMp As New MapPoint.Application
Dim objMap As Mappoint.Map

gappMp.NewMap gappMp.Path _
+ "\Templates\Test.ptt"

Set objMap = gappMP.ActiveMap

When I do this the rest of the application (i.e. adding pushpins with FindAddressResults) ceases to work (and I get the error Access Violation - No RTTI Data! but i think this is a different issue).

I know i must be missing something but I just don't know what, (i suspect its something to do with datasets?! just a guess really).
If anyone has any ideas or if anyone else has used the above article as a basis for there application and has had similar problems I would be very gratefull for any help.

(also if nothing i have said so far makes any sense then let me know as i may have gone completly wrong somewhere!!)


PS this is what I am doing to add pushpins:

Set objLoc = objMap.FindAddressResults(Me!Street, Me!City, ,Me!County, Me!PostalCode)(1)
Set objPushpin = objMap.AddPushpin(objLoc, Me!Street)
objPushpin.Name = Me!Name
objPushpin.Note = Me!PostalCode
objPushpin.BalloonState = geoDisplayBalloon
objPushpin.Symbol = 77
objPushpin.Highlight = True

Where objLoc is Mappoint.Location and objPushpin is Mappoint.Pushpin