I am working on a software that will involve
1) Finding optimal sequence of stops. On a multi stop route what is the shorted way to go. So if a truck has to leave a manufacturing facility and be back after delivering material to 6 customers, what the optimal sequence
2) Proximity search based on custom data. If I have a truck that is 70% full and I have 3 stops with 3 different products. I can carry 1 additional product or more volume of the 3 products I already have in route. Based on inventory/usage data from customer what locations near my route would need more product.Basically if I give the locations and how much product is needed I need the software to tell me which point lie within 25/50 miles ( or 1 hour drivetime zone) of the things already on my route.
I am looking to integrate my software with a mapping software that provides above features besides regular mapping.

From the website, MSDN and having used Mappoint I know Mappoint 2004 ( and probably 2006) can accomplish this. But on the website they do not advise using a web based software to use map point. After reading through the mappoint web service features its not clear if similar functionality can be provided through it

No pricing information on the map point web service is available.

If anyone out there knows how to go about finding the right product please email me at ag372@cornell.edu