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Is MapPoint the way to go?

This is a discussion on Is MapPoint the way to go? within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; I am trying to find a map utility which will allow me to display a zoomable map of the world. ...

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    Is MapPoint the way to go?

    I am trying to find a map utility which will allow me to display a zoomable map of the world. I want to connect using Oracle 9 Database to import ports onto the map and then also set up shipping routes/lanes. I also would like to be able to interact with the map using software (java, C, something) to generate a query widget to allow a user to define what areas (ports, shipping routes) to highlight or display. For example, if you want to see all shipping routes that were accessed between a specific date range in a specific area of interest. Another ability I am looking for is the ability to display demographic charts at these ports based on the information stored in the oracle tables. I have seen some of these abilities (ie. zooming, demographics) using MapPoint, but I do not seem to be able to generate shipping routes that I can access later based in a query. Also I am not exactly sure how to import ports onto a map using database tables. I am not sure which mapping utility is the best way to go, so if you know of some other utility or know how to make MapPoint work for me please let me know. Thanks In Advance!


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    All of this is possible with MapPoint - my main concern would be Oracle.

    MapPoint does not support ODBC, but rather uses MS's .UDL's to connect
    to databases.. I haven't tried this with Oracle, but with mySQL it was buggy. I suspect it will work with Oracle, in the worst case you'd have to dump down the data to a local Access database or text files.

    Regarding the interface, this can be done either as a COM add-in, external
    VB prorgram, or with just about any other application development
    environment. To draw the routes or lines on the map, you have to have all
    the coordinates somewhere like in the database and render them using the
    Add* methods. For the ports, you could relate them to a point on the map
    via lat/lon or city (state), country name.

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