I've had a customer who wanted to use the Microsoft MapPointGetMSAs demo VB.NET program, but didn't have VB.NET. This program classifies pushpins as to whether they are in metropolitan areas (MSAs).

So I downloaded it, and sent them the installation package. I tested it on my dev machine - worked fine. Customer had problems - Seems to install fine but MapPoint doesn't seem to recognise it as a valid add-in.

Next tried it on my test laptop. This is a very similar system to what the customer has. XP, NET 1.1, MP2004, but Office97 (rather than 2003).
This failed to compile until I changed the Excel reference.
It then installed and ran fine. However, the resulting msi file gave the same result for the customer.

This particular customer's short term problem was solved by simply running their data on my PC, but it would be useful to know what the long term fix is. It seems that distributing .NET installations has particular problems with MapPoint addins?
Are there any gotchas that I'm missing?