Amsterdam, 05 August 2003:

After a thorough pilot study in France, MarketPoint ( and Yamaha Motor Europe are implementing a pan-European Geomarketing solution based on Microsoft MapPoint European edition. In effect, this is the first roll-out of its kind to use all-standard tools (such as Microsoft Excel, Access) to facilitate a spatial analysis of the market.
Most Geomarketing solutions of today are based on expensive, tailor-made GIS-systems. The Yamaha Dealer Monitoring program released the power of location to the place where it is most needed: the desktop. This in turn created numerous advantages for the company involved:
• Local knowledge powers local analysis – Yamaha dealers benefit from new spatial insights
• Implementation costs are decreased by factor 5-10
• Ease-of-use and integration with Microsoft Office increases participation by all stakeholders
Charles-Etienne Devanneaux, project manager for Yamaha: “As we were developing our first solution based upon MapInfo Professional, we encountered many problems we could not solve. Implementation costs were one, but the low level of stakeholder participation was even more pressing. Even expensive training sessions could not inspire enthusiasm in our local sales representatives, who were the targeted main users of the system. They were confronted with a system they could not comprehend and actually, could not afford. With switching to Microsoft MapPoint, we can now achieve our objectives with everybody working together and at much lower cost. The Microsoft Office integration and general user-friendliness off the package, combined with the much lower cost, made this project a huge success.”
Pieter-Joost Verhoef, project manager for MarketPoint: “It was a great experience to see the first responses to this project. We were working with many levels in the Yamaha organization and everyone intuitively saw the advantages for their specific task areas. It was a good indication of what dealer-oriented organizations expect from a Geomarketing solution. We have high expectations for this Microsoft product. An entire market is out there, that has previously not been able to either afford or comprehend the existing Geomarketing solutions.”

About MarketPoint (

Founded in 2003, MarketPoint already has an excellent track record in facilitating the proliferation of traditional “GIS-Solutions” into a broader market. MarketPoint designs, develops, sells and services 'Business Mapping' and Location Based solutions, anchored in an 80/20 (functionality/cost) principle to meet the (geo-)marketing, customer service and logistical needs of medium to large sized businesses. Working via direct and indirect distribution channels in Western Europe, it intends to develop new markets that have previously not been able to benefit from existing mapping solutions. MarketPoint customers are generally first-time GIS users, who have previously been scared off by the high cost and complexity of present offers.

About Yamaha Motor Europe

Founded in 1968, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (YME) is the headquarters of the Yamaha Motor Corporation in Europe. YME is responsible for co-coordinating the marketing and sales activities of Yamaha Motor products in the European market, mainly: Yamaha motorcycles and scooters, marine outboard engines, Yam inflatable boats, water vehicles, 4-wheel all terrain vehicles (ATV’s), golf cars, generators, snowmobiles and electro-hybrid bicycle systems. For further information, please visit the Yamaha Motor Europe home page at:

About Yamaha Motor Co.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955 by separating from Yamaha Corporation, a leading musical instruments manufacturer. The company's principal activity is the manufacture of motorcycles (of which it is the world's second largest manufacturer), marine engines, boats, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, golf cars, car engines, industrial robots, gas engine heat-pump air conditioners, unmanned helicopters and electrohybrid bicycles. Operations are carried out through the following divisions: motorcycles accounted for 51% of fiscal 2000 revenues; maine engines/boats, 19% and other, 30%. For further information, please visit the Yamaha Motor Europe home page at:

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