My apologies if this has been covered.

In MapPoint 2004, I have a custom territory that contains the 10311 zipcode and, although MapPoint says it is in the territory and is matched by the zipcode, it doesn't display on the map. The other 56 zipcodes are all correctly displayed, as far as I can tell.

The funny thing is that MapPoint finds the 10311 zipcode from the Find Address dialog. Even more bizarre is the fact that if I use the same data to import a pushpin set, MapPoint correctly displays a pushpin at 10311.

Don't know if it matters, but this data is imported into MapPoint from an Access table that looks like this:

Zip Territory
10301 Territory 1
10302 Territory 1
10310 Territory 1
10311 Territory 1
11220 Territory 1
... and so on ...

Anyone run into this before? Am I nuts, or is this a problem with MapPoint and/or one of its data files?

Thanks for any insight,