Montreal, Canada, December 17, 2003-Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading
manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced the
industry's most advanced PCI graphics card: the Parhelia PCI 256 MB. Ideal
for PCI environments such as servers, Linux® platforms, and PCI
workstations, this addition to the award-winning family of ParheliaT
graphics cards boasts industry-leading image quality and trademark Matrox
stability, and delivers the ultimate combination of quality and essential
workstation features.

"Based on our acclaimed Parhelia, this new PCI card delivers all the
functionality of state-of-the-art graphics technology," says Alain
Thiffault, senior product manager, CAD and GIS workstation products, Matrox
Graphics Inc. "It is the perfect solution to add to other graphics cards in
a workstation, or to systems that do not have AGP slots, such as servers and
laptop docking stations."

Featuring 256 MB of onboard DDR unified memory, a PCI interface designed for
33 and 66 MHz buses, support for hardware quad-buffered stereo, and the
ability to power 9.2 MP panels at 3840 x 2400 @ 24 Hz, the Parhelia PCI 256
MB supports Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows XP and Linux® operating
systems, and offers certified drivers for leading CAD and GIS applications.
It also provides specialized support for mission-critical environments with
Matrox FanGuard, which contributes to the card's high MTBF, and a genlock
option for use with multiple boards in a system or across multiple systems.

The Parhelia PCI 256 MB is the ideal addition to other specialized graphics
cards from Matrox, such as the Parhelia 128 MB or 256 MB AGP or Parhelia
HR256, removing current limitations in specialized projects by enabling
unprecedented display configurations.

Unequaled multi-display support
The Parhelia PCI 256 MB card increases productivity and efficiency with
renowned Parhelia multi-display technologies: DualHead®-HighFidelity (HF)
and TripleHead Desktop. Having pioneered DualHead back in 1999, DualHead-HF
is Matrox's third generation of this technology. It enables the Parhelia PCI
256 MB to independently power independent dual 2048 x 1536 @ 32bpp analog
outputs or dual 1920 x 1200 @ 32bpp digital outputs, from a single chip. For
maximum onscreen real estate, the card's specialized third RAMDAC supports a
TripleHead Windows® desktop to a maximum resolution of 3840 x 1024 @ 32bpp.
For CAD and GIS users, these multi-display capabilities provide Surround
Design-the ability to work with hardware-accelerated 2D and/or 3D on one,
two or three displays. Multi-display features, including Matrox MultiDesk,
TV Output, Multi-Zoom, Clone, and PureVideo, as well as the Matrox
PowerDesk-HF utility suite, make hardware configuration and desktop
management in multi-display environments effortless.

Exclusive 3D visualization software bundle
Highly optimized for Matrox Parhelia Series graphics cards, the
exclusively-bundled AEC/VIZ and Meka/VIZ for Parhelia software, by TORNADO
Technologies, Inc., support Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2000/2000i/2002-based
products, including Architectural Desktop and Mechanical Desktop,
respectively. These unique tools, valued by TORNADO Technologies at US $295
each, improve performance and enable rapid collaboration of even the most
complex 3D models. The included VIZ/LinkT Advanced plug-in, core to their
seamless interoperability with AutoCAD, provides a significant gain in
productivity by sending 3D data from inside AutoCAD to the external AEC/VIZ
or Meka/VIZ for Parhelia viewer, where users can effortlessly reposition the
model and quickly transfer the desired camera position back to AutoCAD.

Matrox PrecisionCAD driver for AutoCAD
The Matrox PrecisionCAD driver for AutoCAD seamlessly integrates with
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2002-based products providing added application stability
and enhanced OpenGL® performance in solid model rendering.

Pricing and availability
The Matrox Parhelia PCI 256 has been released at a price of US $699, and is
available directly from Matrox at or by calling
800-361-1408, and from various Matrox resellers and distributors. The latest
Parhelia drivers, PrecisionCAD driver for AutoCAD and Tornado Technologies'
AEC/VIZ and Meka/VIZ for Parhelia software can be downloaded from:

About Matrox Graphics Inc.
Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics
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trend-setting DualHead® technology, Matrox is a graphics chip designer and
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unwavering stability. In July 2002, Matrox was elected as a voting member of
the OpenGL® Architecture Review Board (ARB). A privately held company
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