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| Microsoft Announces GeoSynth
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| posted by Satri on Thursday October 30, @13:36 (Microsoft)
| Slashgeo | Microsoft Announces GeoSynth

Yesterday [0]Microsoft announced GeoSynth. From the press release [scroll
previous link to the bottom of the entry]: "GeoSynth, currently a
standalone application, is comprised of a Viewer and Collection Builder
which provides the same incredible capabilities as Photosynth. Users who
require offline processing, storage and access of Synths will now be able
to use GeoSynth behind their firewalls, on private or classified
networks, and on portable platforms. Ongoing development will permit
standard geo-tagged photos to be used as input and allow generation of
geodetically referenced 3D Synths which can be quantitatively analyzed
and combined with other geospatial products. Accurate geo-positioning,
using rigorous photogrammetric methodologies, is a fundamental objective
of GeoSynth." See also our previous PhotoSynth stories below.

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Microsoft Announces GeoSynth

0. Virtual Earth For Public Sector: Microsoft Virtual Earth at GEOINT 2008