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Microsoft Dexterity Source Code programming, Dexterity Sanscript, .Net programming for Great Plains: C# and VB, Great Plains Report Writer, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, VBA/Modifier, Integration Manager VBA scripting, Crystal Reports.

When you think about offshore customization development, you probably first guess about India and its offshore programmers. However India is located in opposite time zone, comparing to the USA and pretty far away when we are speaking about Western Europe. Think about Latin America and especially about rising economy of Brazil. Sao Paulo has high concentration of skilled programmers and good quality of .Net and Unix developers.
Several Facts about Brazilian Microsoft Great Plains development and consulting:
• Alba Spectrum Sao Paulo office (former Enterlogix Brasil) was contracted by Microsoft Business Solutions to localize Microsoft Great Plains version 7.5 for Brazilian market. We have large pool of Dexterity source code programmer, plus we participated in several pilot projects in Brazil plus support of multinationals worldwide. Currently we reinforced out Sao Paulo and Curitiba development facilities with our relocated Dexterity programming stars from Manila, Philippines, where Great Plains Software had huge development facility (former MatchData – Project Accounting development company)
• Software Hosting. If you have Brazilian of Latin American subsidiary – you can decide to host your Microsoft Great Plains/Dynamics GP server in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia or other country – in this case chances are high that we could negotiate software rates applicable to these regions (Brazil is 50% of the USA price list)
• Global Trade Points. US companies trade with China and then with Latin America, especially exporting goods is attributed to our southern continent. “Regular” multinational corporation has distributing subsidiaries in Latin Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) speaking countries
• Brazilian Manufacturing outsourcing. You see major automakers in Curitiba and Salvador, plus mid-size multinational manufacturers are moving into Brazil to outsource their operations for US and Europe markets and probably to balance risks to stake on Asian Dragons only.
• Expansion to Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador. It is good idea to have regional office in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to secure further penetration to Latam, When you are in expansion mode – the best scenario is to look for allies. We are here in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile
About Alba Spectrum Technologies. Alba Spectrum Technologies is joint venture of several IT and business consulting companies, now operating as single business entity. We have local presence in the Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Francisco, LATAM & Brazil, Germany, Russia, South East Asia and Oceania. We believe in the coexistence of Java (J2EE, EJB, Linux, Unix), Oracle and Microsoft (.Net, C#, VB) platforms and systems and specialize in several product lines and cross platform integration, customization, heterogeneous report design, plus we provide ERP/CRM systems comparison and reviews, not being committed to just on MRP platform. We also stake on XML cross-platform data interchange to be advanced in the coming decade.

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Alba Spectrum Group, USA/Canada: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, Europe: +44 20 8123 2580, +45 36 96 55 20, Mexico: 52-55-535-04027, Brazil: 55-11-3444-4949, skype: albaspectrum