Hi all

I'm new to MapPoint, but been given the task to investigate any incompatibility problems between our existing MS Access 2003 application (currently interfacing with MapPoint 2004) and MapPoint 2006, as 2004 is no longer available in the UK.

I am awaiting MapPoint 2006 delivery but thought I would familiarise myself with the workings of the existing system first.

I have found a very high incidence of MS Errors occuring after generating a fresh dataset and then refreshing MapPoint to this new data - This is the typical " Microsoft MapPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close....." error I am sure we are all familiar with.

Interestingly, when tested repeatedly, this error occurs once every two attempts, almost without fail.

After many hours scouring the internet and this web site (very useful and informative) I came across a method of starting MapPoint and refreshing the link with a command line parameter "/U". With this I created a batch file which would update mappoint with the new data and then open MapPoint to display it - Totally bypassing the MapPoint Code in the application (to open and refresh data).

The batch file works fine, but I still get the errors when opening MapPoint on most attempts just from the batch file.

I have created a new .ptm file in case of any corruption within, but to no avail. the errors continue.

I don't know what else to try to resolve this - and I havn't even started on 2006.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this problem would be most welcome.