Business Owners and Reporters Invited to Microsoft Mobility Technology Demo at Nationals Game

WHAT: Evolve Technologies, Microsoft, Global Wireless Data and Palm, Inc. will offer a FREE demonstration of the latest in mobility technology with a baseball twist. Up to 70 small business owners and reporters who RSVP will fill the stands of RFK Stadium when the Washington Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves on May 17 at noon. Each participant will be "General Manager (GM) for a Day," using real-time game statistics--and Windows Mobile and a Palm Treo--to plot their imaginary team's next move. "Assistant coaches" will guide data analysis step-by-step, helping "non-techies" and baseball novices alike. As Yogi Berra mused, "Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical."

In the process, participants will experience firsthand how mobility technology can help them hit a "grand slam" in their business--analyzing sales, trends, revenue or other statistics--every day regardless of locale. "GMs for a Day" will see the "deals" they'll be able to close when all the data they need are at their fingertips, even when "on road trips" playing "away games."

The GM with the "win" at day's end could "get the nod" from the front office and receive a prize such as a copy of the book Moneyball, an Xbox game, a copy of MapPoint 2006, tickets to a future Washington Nationals game, a copy of Windows Server 2003 for 25 users (a $3,500 value), or more!

Inspiration for the event came from Michael Lewis' book Moneyball, where Oakland A's GM Billy Beane faced the dilemma of how to win in Major League Baseball with a small budget. Beane ignored conventional wisdom--"Invest money in big-name batters and rocket-arm pitchers"--and turned to data. Buoyed by carefully interpreted statistics, he believed there was another way to win: sign less expensive hitters with high on-base percentages and pitchers with lots of ground outs. Beane defied the odds--and team scouts--and built winning teams relying on statistical data alone.

WHO: Dave Sobel, Evolve Technologies; Reed Overfelt, Microsoft; Doug Erbig, Global Wireless Data; and Larry Leonardi, Palm. Each spokesperson will be available for interview. To schedule an interview, please contact Jeanne Zepp or Christine Randle, DPR Group, 240-686-1000.

RFK Stadium Thursday, May 17, 2007
2400 East Capitol Street, S.E. 12:00 p.m. ET
Washington, D.C.

Please RSVP to David Gottschalk, Please call Jeanne Zepp or
Evolve Technologies, 703-426-7100 x110 Christine Randle, DPR Group,
or 240-686-1000.

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