Microsoft Office 2007 Customization is Supported by Add-in Express, The First Toolkit with Office-Specific Visual Designers and Components

A toolkit for developing professional extensions for Microsoft Office 2007 - 2000. Visual designers of Add-in Express 2007 allow programming secure, isolated, version-neutral, feature-rich, deployable and updatable Office plug-ins.

January 31, 2007 -- Add-in Express Ltd. has released Add-in Express 2007, the first RAD toolkit that empowers software developers to customize all end-user applications of Microsoft Office 2007 using visual designers and Office-ready components. Now Add-in Express 2007 allows programming secure and isolated, version-neutral and feature-rich, deployable and updatable extensions for all available Microsoft Office versions, from 2000 to 2007.

Add-in Express 2007 supplies software developers with all necessary tools to build any scale solutions based on the Microsoft Office extensibility in minutes. Visual designers provided by Add-in Express make possible to customize the revolutionary Ribbon UI as well as the old-style Office GUI, which makes equally easy to create new or to customize existing Ribbons, Ribbon tabs, Task panes on Office 2007 and to build toolbars, menus and sub-menus on all previous versions of Microsoft Office. Add-in Express components simplify accessing any Office objects, provide handling of any Office events, and allow writing a version-neutral applied code that works transparently on all Office versions. Project templates embedded into Add-in Express support all Office extensibility technologies including COM add-ins, smart tags and real-time data servers, and are specially designed to make Office solutions secure, isolated, automatically deployable and updatable.

In addition, Add-in Express 2007 enhances Microsoft Office with its own unique features such as the Advanced Outlook Form and View Regions that allows Outlook developers to use any controls on any Outlook windows and run regions on Outlook 2007 as well as on Outlook 2003, 2002 and 2000 ( Outlook forms & folder views. Custom Outlook form regions. VB.NET, C# ). This gives Outlook based solutions much more freedom in customizing Outlook views and forms with standard and 3d-party controls and components.

With Add-in Express 2007 all developers can create both application-specific extensions, e.g. Outlook plug-ins or Word smart tags, and shared extensions that work on all end-user applications from the Microsoft Office family: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, MapPoint, Publisher, Access, FrontPage and InfoPath. Moreover, Add-in Express 2007 delivers its own Office-interoperability run-time that interacts with all Office suites and packages, from Home and Student to Enterprise and Ultimate.

Add-in Express is developed for two major programming platforms, Microsoft .NET and Borland VCL, and can be installed on professional IDEs, such as VS 2005 Team Suite and Borland Developer Studio 2006, as well as on free and low-cost Visual Studio 2005 Express and Turbo Delphi.

For more information about Add-in Express 2007 please visit the Add-in Express for Microsoft .NET Program COM Add-in in VB .NET, C#, C++, J# and Delphi .NET and Add-in Express for Borland VCL Writing COM add-in /plugin for Outlook, Excel, Word etc. in Delphi pages.