Do you love Virtual Earth? Do you want to participate in generating revenue from Virtual Earth? Do you run a development shop that is building some crazy, sexy applications that push the limits of geospatial and Virtual Earth? Then, you need to be a Microsoft Virtual Earth Partner! I'm out there sweating blood and tears to get people to use and license Virtual Earth, but we seem to have a shortage of local Virtual Earth Certified Partners in which to refer our customers to for help - this is where you come in. We're looking for some qualified partners to handle local development in their respective markets. We need partners all over the world, so if you're interested there are a few steps to get you there:

  1. If you aren’t already, you must become a Microsoft Partner. Open new windows of opportunity for your organization. Enroll in the Data Visualization Specialization now.
  2. Get trained in Data Visualization with Virtual Earth.
    • Check out the DVS learning path.
    • Get started by reviewing the exam preparation guide.
    • Prepare by taking the Virtual Earth DVS training, “Developing Map-based Solutions Using Microsoft Virtual Earth,” an in-depth online training and self-assessment tool located in the Partner Learning Center. From, navigate to the Partner Learning Center Home Page:
      1. Click on “Sign In” and log in with your Windows Live ID.
      2. Select the course “Developing Map-based Solutions Using Microsoft Virtual Earth.”
      3. Click the Registration button to register for the course.
      4. Launch the course by holding down the CTRL key when clicking the “Take It Now” button (to enable pop-ups).
  3. Take the DVS Exam - Exam 70-544: Microsoft Virtual Earth, Application Development.
  4. Get DVS Certified - To qualify, your company must:
    • Employ two individuals who have passed the DVS exam.
    • Submit three client references meeting the DVS criteria:
      • Each reference must feature the development, implementation, and customization of data-visualization solutions based on the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform (Virtual Earth and MapPoint® Web Services).
      • Each reference must feature a project that you have completed for a client within the last 12 months.
    • Information Worker Solutions Competency - Attaining the DVS Certification makes your business eligible for achieving the Information Worker Solutions
      Competency. Enrolling in the Information Worker Solutions Competency offers a range of benefits and provides access to a unique set of resources that align to your business focus and support all stages of your business cycle. Learn more about the
      benefits of the Information Worker Solutions Competency.

Why Should You Partner with Virtual Earth?
The market opportunity for qualified Microsoft Partners who create and deploy data visualization solutions is estimated at U.S. $2 billion1. As a Microsoft Partner who gets Data Visualization Specialization (DVS) certified, you can offer your clients an effective way to help them visualize their business information for better decision making.

Extend the platform to bring innovative solutions to market - Develop innovative, location-based solutions that help transform location-specific business data into business intelligence your clients can use to make important decisions. Help your clients manage their resources more efficiently by enabling them to visualize the relationships between their various categories of business information in the context of location.

Benefit from a comprehensive platform - Build your business with confidence, backed by deep investments Microsoft has made in the Virtual Earth platform:

  • High-quality precision imagery
  • Professionally managed APIs
  • Open standards-based tools
  • Professional support
  • Community-based resources
  • Flexible licensing plans
  • Competitive service levels featuring 99.9% availability

Why Should You Get Data Visualization Specialization Certified?
DVS, a new specialty in the Information Worker Competency program, can help increase our business opportunities—and boost your revenue. With DVS certification, your company will be qualified to build location-based data visualization solutions for your clients using the Virtual Earth platform.

With the DVS certification, you can include your company profile in the Solution Finder, where partner solution profiles will be listed on nearly 70 customer-facing sites worldwide. More than 70,000 potential customers search these sites monthly for companies to build solutions that meet their specific business needs.

When you are DVS certified, you can:

  • Promote your solution in the Virtual Earth Solutions Showcase
  • Become a Certified or Gold Microsoft Partner
  • Attain the Information Worker Competency
  • Display your solution in the Information Worker Solution Showcase
  • Include your company profile in the Microsoft Resources Directory

Questions? For more information about the Microsoft Virtual Earth Partner Program, send mail to the Microsoft Virtual Earth Partner Alias, visit Microsoft Virtual Earth's Partner web site or, as always, just shoot me a mail.


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