Winwaed Software Technology announces the release availability of v1.4 of their MileCharter product on CD-ROM.

MileCharter quickly and efficiently calculates mileage tables using Microsoft MapPoint.

MileCharter can be quickly set with a few clicks to batch compute hundreds if not thousands of route calculations. Both distances and times can be calculated. All output is to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

A traditional "road atlas" table can be created by using the same source and destination locations. Alternatively the source and destination locations can be different, allowing numerous business functions such as serving customers or suppliers.

MileCharter can also calculate estimated route costs using MapPoint's own route cost estimates, or a more flexible rate table calculation. Use your own rate table and not someone else's!

Full details, examples, tutorial, and a free 14 day trial can be found at:

Licenses are US$60 each for electronic delivery, or US$75 each for CD-ROM. Depending on your location, VAT (EU) and Sales Taxes may apply. Volume discounts are available.

MileCharter CD-ROMs are shipped with a registration code and can be purchased from Amazon:

Electronic delivery continues to be available from the website:

v1.4 is very similar to v1.3, but includes a tutorial aimed at beginners to Microsoft MapPoint.