MileCharter quickly and efficiently calculates mileage tables using Microsoft MapPoint.

MileCharter can be quickly set with a few clicks to batch compute hundreds if not thousands of route calculations. Both distances and times can be calculated. All output is to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

A traditional "road atlas" table can be created by using the same source and destination locations. Alternatively the source and destination locations can be different, allowing numerous business functions such as serving customers or suppliers.

MileCharter can also calculate estimated route costs using MapPoint's own route cost estimates, or a more flexible rate table calculation. Use your own rate table and not someone else's!

The "Only Report Closest Destinations" is a particularly useful feature. It can be used to ask MileCharter requests such as: "For each of my customers, find the three closest sales offices that are also within 30 miles".

v2.2 adds support for Windows Vista, and multi-symbol pushpin sets. Support is also added for the new extra-large spreadsheets supported by Excel 2007. These avoid the requirement to span large charts across the small spreadsheets supported by earlier versions of Excel.

Full details, examples, tutorial, and a free 14 day trial can be found here:

MileCharter: Create Mileage Charts with Microsoft® MapPoint®

For electronic delivery Basic Licenses are US$60 each, and Professional Licenses are US$100 each. (Upgrade Licenses are US$50 each)
CD-ROM delivery costs US$15 more.

Depending on your location, VAT (EU) and Sales Taxes may apply. Volume discounts are available.

Existing users can upgrade to v2.2 for free. You should have received an email already. If not, please contact me with the name and email used for your original order.

Richard Marsden