Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada, today announces the release of GPSTrack Standard Version 4.0.0. GPSTrack is a powerful yet low-cost vehicle tracking and management system.

GPSTrack version 4.0.0 is a combination of the GPSTrackP software for GPS passive tracking and GPSTrackRT software for real time tracking. It has all functions and features of GPSTrackP and GPSTrackRT. With the combination, fleet managers have more power and flexibility to manage and track their vehicles on sites.

For different tracking purpose, GPSTrack can be configured to use different GPS trackers for real time tracking and also GPS data loggers for passive tracking.

For real time tracking GPSTrack version 4.0.0 supports the TrimTrac™ Locator and eTrac 2120 GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker. TrimTrac is an easy to use, portable, very cost-effective GPS tracking unit from Trimble. eTrac 2120 is a powerful GPS tracking devices based on GSM/GPRS network. More details about these GPS trackers can be found at

For passive tracking, GPSTrack version 4.0.0 supports the low-cost TripTracer TT300 GPS data logger, the GDL30 MMC data logger and RBT3000 Bluetooth GPS data logger. More details of these GPS data loggers can be found at

With this new release, GPSTrack has become a complete vehicle tracking and management system. Its major features include:

  • Plan and schedule efficient daily work routes by optimizing the customer visits and stops for each vehicle and driver
    Track and monitor performance of drivers by checking adherence to the scheduled routes and stops
    Increase productivity and services quality by monitoring customer visits, deliveries and stops
    Differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate activities
    Analyze and report operational cost and efficiency like labor costs and vehicle usages etc.
    Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

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Mobile GPS Online is a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada. It specializes in system integration and application software development utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS)/Microsoft MapPoint and Wireless Communication Technologies. For more information about Mobile GPS Online, visit