Just a quick entry to share some links where you can find additional information about the new features and capabilities in the latest Virtual Earth release:

Virtual Earth 3D Blog - more detailed discussion on the new weather visualization added to Virtual Earth and the Live Search Maps consumer destination site it powers.

Virtual Earth: An Evangelist's Blog (for developers) - Virtual Earth technical evangelist, provides roughly the same announcement information you found here but he includes some cool screenshots. * In addition to that, he links over to the developer resources, including the Virtual Earth online interactive software developers kit that have been updated. Also, Chris posted a new entry today discussing how to build Virtual Earth applications for iPhone, made possible through this latest Virtual Earth release.

Virtual Earth: An Evangelist's Blog (for consumers) - Just learned today that Chris is also keeping a parallel version of his above-referenced Developer's blog that focuses on the Virtual Earth powered Live Search Maps. (Chris is the hardest working technical evangelist in Virtual Earth!) He posted a very informative entry today on the enhancements to Live Search Maps as a result of the latest Virtual Earth platform release.

I am most pleased to share the below from Frank Taylor who keeps the Google Earth blog (yes, I did just cite the competition by name for the second time in two years):

"The new release of Virtual Earth 3D by Microsoft has very cool realistic 3D clouds. The clouds only appear when you are near the Earth's surface for a localized region. But, they are based on real-time weather conditions for that location. Microsoft is obviously re-using some of their excellent Flight Simulator clouds rendering technology in the latest release of Virtual Earth. There are a lot of other features in the new release, but I was immediately impressed with these new clouds. They are especially awesome if you have a SpaceNavigator (which is supported by VE3D). [VJ: You can also use your kid's Xbox controller plugged into your USB port!] The clouds are darker when thick, and there are different clouds types (cirrus, cumulus, party cloudy, etc.) according to weather conditions. To check out the new clouds, you have two choices: 1) load the new update for VE3D by going to local.live.com and clicking the 3D button (you should be prompted to load the new version - make sure you restart your browser after installing); or 2) check out his YouTube video I've just made."

Thanks Frank!

Frank liked our 3D weather so much he made a video!

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