Hey all,
Great idea on the forum, this knocks the socks off of that older Q&A section of the site. I've got a few questions for any of you out there that are decent at using the MP2002 Object Libarary. I broke down and bought MP2k for dummies, and (although it's a great tool) it isn't exactly what I was looking for. The book doesn't really explain how to maximize the use of MP2002 automation in VBA - it barely even skims the surface (or am I not looking hard enough).
What I have been assigned is to build a database in Access 97. This database will take locations in the USA from all over and let the user populate Maps run off of queries (pushpin maps and count by county maps primarily - with territories labeled and colored) with the push of command buttons.
I'm not sure if these maps would be better off embedded into the database using the ActiveX control, or if it would be better to have the DB create a temp file of info that MapPoint can launch and run from as a sort of template. I've found that in using the database designed by Chris G (downloadable from www.mp2kmag.com) through MapPoint 2001 (not 2002 - I just upgraded to this) the ActiveX window left a lot to be desired - no zooming, no auto stretching... it was a bit cumbersome. I hope that the 2002 controls are more user friendly.
So what I'm asking for is advice, snippets of code, your personal experience, and anything else that you think might give me a hand in completing this project - and a hand to everyone else that reads this thread.
I don't really know the VBA capabilities of MapPoint quite yet, so if any of you could give us a few ideas on this, that would be excellent.

Thanks for your time.