We have just released a major new version of MPMileage: v2.

MPMileage is a batch mileage calculation tool for lists of point-to-point routes. Routes are stored in a database, and the results are written to this same database. MPMileage supports all of MapPoint's routing options and can also calculate travel times and estimated route costs. MPMileage can also run multiple MapPoint instances in parallel, resulting in significantly faster processing times on a modern multi-core PC.

New features in MPMileage v2.0, include:

- Start/end locations can be specified using street addresses or geographic
coordinates, in addition to pushpin names.
- Ability to save/load configuration settings (ie. to save/load 'jobs').
- Improved internal architecture for significantly faster processing on modern multi-core PCs.

Further details including a free 14 day trial can be found on the MPMileage website at:

MPMileage: Batch calculate mileages with Microsoft MapPoint

MPMileage licenses cost US$75 each with volume discounts starting at the 5+ level.

v2 has slightly tighter system requirements, and requires MapPoint 2006 (or later) and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or later).