(I currently own DeLorme, but am researching other mapping software packages.)

Here is my scenario (pretty simple really):

I own a pressure-washing company (washing 100's of trucks for Fed Ex, DHL, etc). I have different routes and schedules for each of my trucks. I'd like a mapping software I can map and track each of these locations in a business intelligence sense.

For example I'd like to be able to multi-tag a single location (tag1: Fed Ex - San Francisco; tag2: Wed night) so I can filter through and see my routes by client only (Fed Ex, etc etc) by day/route only (Wed, weekends, etc) and so forth. The ability to layer this information is also critical.

My business is growing rapidly (all good news) and I need to slice this data a number of ways to maintain my margins. DeLoreme currently limits my ability to apply and filter multiple tags. Of course this begs the BIG question...can this be accomplished cleanly in MapPoint 2002?? If not is there another not-to-expensive package out there that might provide this functionality?

Thanks so much for your time!