NAC Real-Time Geocoding Service Newsletter (12/11/2003)

NAC Real-Time Geocoding Service is the most reliable and comprehensive real-time geocoding service for web/wireless applications, powered by Microsoft MapPoint Web Service. As many subscribers request, NAC Geographic Products Inc. has upgraded its geocoding service recently, and introduced many new services and features to meet continuously increasing needs. Now it provides:

1. geocoding service that can geocode street addresses, street intersections, points of interest, postal/ZIP codes and place names from 18

2. reverse geocoding that allows applications to send longitude/latitude to get street addresses.

3. map service that provides detail street maps of 18 countries plus other 58 large cities of the world and thematic maps of the entire world.

4. driving directions service that provides driving directions (total distance, total driving time, turn-by-turn instructions, road conditions, and route map) between any two points in North America (Canada, US and Mexico) and Western Europe.

5. location based business search that provides the search of business in hundreds of categories in 25 countries within a given point and radius.

6. support of multiple IP addresses within one UserID that allows an application running within a corporation intranet with multiple gateways (multiple IP addresses) to the Internet to get the access of the geocoding service.

7. support of secure connection that all web applications can choose these services with either standard or secure connection.

The real-time geocoding service now is running on You can simply replace with either
or to upgrade your connection if you haven't
done so.

Since NAC Real-Time Geocoding Service is driven by users, we welcome your suggestions and feedback, and will manage to meet all your needs. For more information about the new features and services, you can have a look at and, email to or call (416) 496 6110.

NAC Geographic Products Inc.
(416) 496 6110