image I’ll be presenting at the Navigation and Location USA 2008 Conference in San Jose, CA on December 3, 2008 presented by Telematics Update. The discussion, “Unlocking New Revenues Through the Web” is one I’m very passionate about. I see quite a few application come across my computer screen, some dogs, some clever with no business models and some that are just MONEY both functionally and monetarily! There is just SO MUCH opportunity out there and people don’t reap the benefits. People may be looking to save money due to the current state of the economy; however, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t money to be made! It’s just time to spend that money wisely and how much wiser can you be when you know WHERE to spend it! So, if you interested in hearing what I have to say register and come to Silicon Valley. At the very least, download the brochure

A little about the Navigation and Location Conference:

Over 2 packed days, we will dive deep into the key topics of discussion including:

  • Navigation Transformers! - Find out how the PND, in-dash and mobile segments are evolving… as well as the connected services that will change the face of navigation completely
  • Local search domination! - Hear how local search could be crowned the ultimate money spinner in LBS
  • Pedestrian, multi-modal... and beyond? - Stay clued up on the new forms of navigation that look set to impact the market!
  • Location based advertising…is geo-targeted marketing ready yet?

See you there?


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