Navigation Technology Leader Brings Breakthrough Acquisition Speed to GPS Industry

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. – Navman, a leading designer and manufacturer of world-class global positioning system (GPS) technology, announced today the latest addition to its product line, the Jupiter 30. Manufactured
for embedding into any device that requires position specific information, the Jupiter 30 is an ultra-high sensitivity surface mount GPS receiver designed for rapid position fixes in low signal strength conditions. Jupiter 30 delivers an unprecedented minus 160 dBM tracking capability, bringing standard GPS functionality to previously impossible locations; such as inside buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and other indoor environments; inner city urban canyons; areas with dense foliage and in vehicles with UV-coated or athermic windshields.

The Jupiter 30 combines TCXO, LNA, flash memory and other select high-quality components with the latest integrated SiRF GSC3 chipset into a package that is optimized for the best RF tracking capabilities possible,
and delivers the fastest (less than one second) GPS acquisition time-to-first-fix on the market. The Jupiter 30 is compatible with devices with wider operating voltage ranges and that require greater noise rejection than other GPS modules. This versatility, in addition to the unit’s rapid position acquisition, low-power operation and full use of the SiRF GSC3 power level modes, ensures wider integration capability and use in power sensitive applications such as battery-operated devices. Its powerful gain characteristics and optimized LNA and RF signal path design enable easy integration into products with active or passive GPS antennas. The Jupiter 30’s flexibility allows manufacturers to develop products for environments previously unavailable for standard GPS designs; effectively extending the practical functionality of Location Based Services while minimizing design time and noise shielding requirements.

“The combination of best of class components and an extremely elegant design, gives the Jupiter 30 superior low signal strength tracking capabilities, low energy consumption per fix and system integration versatility,” said George Arnott, vice president of Navman’s OEM Division. “Compared to similar products, it is the best solution available for integrating location-based functionality into any product.“

Key features of the Jupiter 30 include an ultra-high sensitivity GPS receiver with an optimized RF front-end, proprietary shaped filtering to reduce noise, multi-path mitigation for track re-centering and jammer elimination, and dynamic search control to adapt to severe environments. With indoor position fix and tracking capability of -160 dBM, the Jupiter 30 has over 200,000 effective correlators for superior acquisition performance in the weakest signal conditions. Additional features of the Jupiter 30 include: a high quality 0.5PPM TCXO for optimal performance, integral LNA, an ARM7 CPU with capacity for additional custom applications, 1 PPS, 52mA average power draw, optimized low power management mode with an average power consumption of 25mA at 1Hz and hibernate mode with 6.8uA power draw, 3v power operation an brown-out detection circuit. Further specifications include 20-channel mode GPS support; fast acquisition fix performance of <1 seconds (hot start), 32 seconds (warm start) and 34 seconds (cold start); ephemeris tail and bit sync for quicker time to fix in poor conditions and SiRFLoc multi-mode GPS support for improved fix availability. The device’s physical characteristics are 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 3.0mm form factor and 4.0 grams in weight based on an industry standard form factor providing an easy upgrade path.

The Navman Jupiter 30 GPS module is available in sample quantities, with full production volume available in April. For more information and a datasheet, please contact Navman Customer Support at 1-949-461-7150 or visit:
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