A number of blogs today are parroting the story of the Navy's decision to remodel 4 buildings that form a Swastika at a Naval base in Coronado.* I found this Comment from 'Tim' at Boing-Boing most interesting:

If you zoom out the satellite image, you'll realize that the building's shape makes sense in context. It's two jets about to bomb the Nazis. A bit outdated, but interesting nonetheless. I still see their reason, but I think people should at least get why they did it in the first place.

Indeed if you zoom out a bit you see two other building formations resembling attacking planes. Click the image below to explore the space interactively in 3D.

Also of interest in the area of Virtual World creation is the fact that the robo modelers that create our 3D models chose to create the Swastika structures but not the buildings comprising the planes. Made me wonder what the heuristics are that invalidated those buildings. Were they under a height threshold?


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