OK, I've spent a day on this and its time to admit I need help. I'm trying to import a CSV with 6 columns and a varying row length. I borrowed (stole) the array of fields code from an earlier post.

The columns are:

1. Address
2. City
3. State
4. Postcode
5. Country
6. Name

My code is:
Dim objMap As MapPointCtl.Map
Dim objDataSet As MapPointCtl.DataSet
Dim objDataMap As MapPointCtl.DataMap

Dim JobFieldArray(6, 1)
JobFieldArray(1, 0) = "Address"
JobFieldArray(1, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldAddress1
JobFieldArray(2, 0) = "City"
JobFieldArray(2, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldCity
JobFieldArray(3, 0) = "State"
JobFieldArray(3, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldRegion1
JobFieldArray(4, 0) = "Zip"
JobFieldArray(4, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldPostal1
JobFieldArray(5, 0) = "Country"
JobFieldArray(5, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldCountry
JobFieldArray(6, 0) = "Name"
JobFieldArray(6, 1) = MapPoint.GeoFieldType.geoFieldName

Set objMap = MPC.NewMap(geoMapNorthAmerica)
Set objDataSet = objMap.DataSets.ImportData("I:\try.csv", JobFieldArray(), geoCountryDefault, geoDelimiterComma)
Set objDataMap = objDataSet.DisplayDataMap(geoDataMapTypeSizedCircl e, , geoShowByCountry)

I can get this to plot a shadedArea or Sized Circle of names by region or country but not by city. I tried using the other geodatamap types and changing the order of the columns in the csv file and I get Error 4073 Cannot map data because the selected geography type is invalid.

How do you map Names by city? Also, is there any documentaion of the object model besides the Microsoft site. Thanks for the help