I use the MapPoint ActiveX control, with great success. It does most of what I need but does fall short when it comes to road closures or routes which have delays. So I am wondering how to tackle a new feature which would require me to designate road closures as well as routes which have significant delays.

Can anybody recommend a way to do this? Does the new version of MapPoint handle any of this? Are there any source code based routing engines which might be able to do this for me?

If I were forced to make due with MapPoint, I would do the following. Please review and comment.

I would populate an Intersections table of all intersections in the delivery area
(about 20 square miles). Each would include a unique identifier and its coordinates, at a minimum.

I would create a Routes table, which would contain the ID's of each endpoint and the default MapPoint travel time.

Lastly I could have an Events table which would include a start and end time of the event, and the ID's of each effected route ID, and some status which tell me how much travel would be delayed on that route and whether travel is even possible.

I'd love to hear more ideas on this concept.

I appreciate the help.