NEW ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Framework

Astoria, NY - Oct 1, 2008: Agilingua, LLC announces the release of the ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK v 2.5, the new version of the complete software development kit for interactive natural language spoken dialogue interfaces. The Version 2.5 includes a newly developed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Framework, which allows developers to integrate their own noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms with ATOM for the higher recognition rate. Also, a new Linux version ATOM Runtime Engine is available optionally. The ATOM Reference Designs SDKs (ATOM CarNavi SDK and ATOM Robot SDK) contains the entire contents of the ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK v2.5, and in addition, the ATOM CarNavi SDK now includes source code for integration with Microsoft MapPoint.

- ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK
The ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK is a comprehensive Software Development Kit especially designed for developing an embedded interactive spoken dialogue systems in multiple languages. The SDK reduces the required development time by 50% to 75% compared to the development without using ATOM * . (*During internal tests when using third party editing software to program for integrating with speech recognizer and create application program of 40 hours of workload.)

- Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Framework
The newly developed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Framework allows developers to integrate their own noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms with ATOM. The purpose of noise reduction is the removal of ambient noise in the speech signal, while echo cancellation removes output from the computer, such as TTS output, from the recorded speech signal. Both serve at increasing recognition accuracy. The advantage of the DSP Framework is that developers can easily experiment with different DSP algorithms.

- New Runtime Engine for Linux
The often-requested Linux Version ATOM Runtime Engine is now available optionally to the ATOM SDKs. As the ATOM SDKs support Windows XP and Windows Vista, now runtime engines supporting following OS are optionally available. Windows Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Linux x86, Linux ARM.

- ATOM Reference Design SDKs
The ATOM CarNavi SDK and ATOM Robot SDK, complete reference applications containing all the software components, grammars, and databases necessary to implement a multimodal dialogue components for car navigation and robots, are released simultaneously. The Reference SDKs also contain the new ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK. The ATOM CarNavi SDK includes source code to integrate with Microsoft MapPoint. For more information on the ATOM Reference SDKs, please visit

Agilingua, LLC. also offers extensive consulting services in the area of spoken dialogue systems and spoken language processing.

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