Blogging on Bing Maps (formerly Virtual Earth) imagery releases is a little easier for me as of today.

As readers of this blog know, Microsoft adds tens of terabytes of new content, including high-resolution aerial views, to our mapping platform every month and the list is sometimes rather long. I don’t always receive these updates formatted such that it makes immediate sense to the outside world and have had to massage quite a bit before posting. Lately it’s just been easier to let Chris Pendleton do the work (he IS the Technical Evangelist, after all!) and point my readers to his blog.*

That has all changed today because with the the latest imagery updates that we are announcing today you can now view updates using a new ‘Bing Maps World Tour’ application.

Through Silverlight and Windows Azure technology, you can sit back and relax while the World Tour application provides a guided tour of everything that’s new or you can opt to explore for yourself at your own pace, stopping off at any locations as you please. In essence, the application can be thought of as an interactive slideshow that moves from location to location in our 2D view mode and that you can interrupt to take control of along the way.

What I especially like about the application, in this day of social media and networking, is the ability to share the tour from a specific location with your contacts. Also, the application allows you to not only see new releases but past releases as well.


Matthew Quinlan, who is Group Product Manager for our Enterprise Mapping group and has the best accent of any of us, walks you through the application in the below video.

And, as usual, Chris Pendleton provides a blow-by-blow feature write-up his blog now found on the Bing Maps/Commmunity page.

Huh. I just did it again!

-=Virtual Jerry

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