Much of this Birds Eye imagery was published over the past weeks while I was away and not blogging, so you may have seen some of this already. The highest res aerial imagery available online is appearing in more and more European cities, including coverage of some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

*the Parthenon in Athens

Here is a Collection of some of the major European cities with Birds Eye coverage and below is a list of the most recently added:

UK: Maidstone,*Belfast, Luton, Plymouth, Kidderminster

Spain:*Marbella,* Motril, Caceres, Linares, Valencia,* Orihuela, Jaen, Barcelona, Roqueatas de Mar

Germany: Berlin,* Hannover, Lingen, Marburg, Goettingen,* Siegen, Salzgitter,*Regensburg

Sweden: Sodertolje, Göteborg

The Netherlands: Veeneddaal, Heerlen,*Enschede

Greece: Thessaloniki, Athens

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