As indicated, I am new to the software. My first project is to view shape files or Ghana, Africa. I currently have the trial version of Map POint installed that came with the Mappoint for Dummies book. I have three questions:

1. It seems my version is not capable of viewing International data. If I buy Map Point 2006, would I be able to view data from Ghana? Would I first have to download some type of base layer?

2. I attempted to import a shape file of Ghana and got an error. I had added the "COM" add in for importing shape files - source code that came on teh CD with the Map POint for Dummies book. Would this error have come from the fact taht the program couldn't georeference the data or that there was a polygon with a hole in the data (the book mentioned that the import can't handle that)? Unfortunately I don't have the error message available, but will include in my next post.

3. If I want to upload data from a gps device into map point, should I buy the 2006 version that says it has a gps receiver, or will the regular MapPOint 2006 do?

Thank you,

Gary Willick