I'm new to MapPoint and have been asked to develop a solution for my company. Let me try to explain.

We're a contruction company, we would like to map a region of the UK and plot our construction sites, usually between 10 - 30.

For each site, we have to employ between 2 - 20 sub-contractor companies by trade. For example a roofer, a plaster, foundation works, steel works, demolition etc.

For each one of these trades we may have 5 - 12 approved companies who work in the area. 8 roofing cmpanies, 4 plasterers etc.

So, what I would like to do, is click on one of our sites and make that the centgre focus of the screen (is this possible ?) then I would like to select which trade I would like to see, and then plot an overlay of sub-contractors working base, with a radius showing their coverage. I would then be able to see which roofers for example could work on that particular site.

I think I need to use pushpin sets to identify the companies within a trade, but how do I set these with a radius and choose to overlay this onto an existing map.

I am familiar with VBA in Excel and have tried to get this working, but to no avail.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.