Winwaed Software Technology LLC have just released MPCluster - a cluster analysis add-in for Microsoft® MapPoint®

Do you need to find natural groups of pushpins in your MapPoint pushpin data?
If so, MPCluster should be able to help. MPCluster identifies groups or clusters of pushpins in your pushpin data. MPCluster can then draw a boundary shape around each cluster and/or mark each cluster's center with a pushpin. Cluster definitions can also be written to an Excel workbook.

MPCluster requires .NET v2 (or later) and Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later). It supports all geographic editions of MapPoint, and works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) is also required if you wish to use the cluster export option.

Possible applications include: Finding locations for sales offices or staff to match customer locations, and identifying product sale "hot spots".

Individual licenses of MPCluster cost US$75 each. Other purchase options and volume discounts are also available.

Further information can be found on the MPCluster website at:

MPCluster: Cluster Analysis for Microsoft MapPoint

A free 14 day trial can be downloaded from the MPCluster website at:

MPCluster: Download Page