Until July, 31st, 2010 companies may obtain a free Express License of the JOpt.SDK Vehicle Routing Library

The Vehicle Routing Initiative aims on software vendors that plan to incorporate advanced route planning and optimization features into their existing software product. Be it in Logistics, Field Service or Sales Force Planning ISVs are encouraged to contact DNA to obtain a free Developer Express License including email support. This offer is only valid for companies with own applications and products in these fields.

DNA Vehicle Routing Initiative 2010

"This initiative has been launched because we experienced that many applications in this field are still lacking from optimization functionalities. One reason is that many developers are afraid of dealing with complex multiple vehicle routing algorithms as this requires in depth experience with meta heuristics, which is of course not the primary focus of modern software engineers", Vincent Mayer says, (DNA's responsible engineer for application integration)

Therefore DNA has designed a SDK that offers optimization functionalities with an easy to use API. Worldwide, DNA partners rely on DNA's scheduling and rapid decisioning technology to bring their customers outstanding solutions for automatic taskforce planning whithin one single piece of software.

Since the 2008 Initiative many famous companies have become partners and customers of DNA. Also the community of JOpt users is constantly growing and we are proud to say that by the end of 2009 we have counted more than 5000 active users. This has encouraged us to re-new this special offer in 2010 for a limited time in order to demonstrate the powerful API and abilities of JOpt paired with source code level support if required in order to find new interesting business partners.