TORONTO--July 8, 2003--

Panorama Integrates Powerful Analytics Into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Panorama Software today announced the company is enhancing the business intelligence (BI) capabilities of Microsoft Office System by integrating Panorama's advanced analytics into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, providing users with up-to-date, dynamic views of vital business information, which they use to make the best decisions that produce the best results. Panorama's recent integration with SharePoint is the latest achievement the company has shown in BI-enabling Microsoft Office. The company has previously announced integrated solutions with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft MapPoint. By providing a suite of products featuring tight integration with Microsoft Office System 2003, Panorama extends the reach of BI across corporate extranets, intranets and the Internet.

"The Office System connects people and organizations to information, processes and each other through the use of familiar products like Word, Excel and Windows SharePoint Services, enabling them to realize the most value from their information," said Kees Pronk, Manager, Information Worker Partner Strategies, Microsoft EMEA. "Panorama serves as a strategic partner in delivering these benefits to businesses by integrating its powerful BI functionality into Excel, SharePoint and MapPoint. This BI integration makes it easier than ever for business decision makers to access and analyze the critical information they need to make better strategic business decisions."

Panorama NovaView BI Platform includes NovaView Web components that can be embedded directly into the SharePoint portal. This provides portal managers with the ability to offer seamless connectivity to the information stored in Microsoft's Analysis Services online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes. Users can subscribe to have the information that is relevant to their responsibilities displayed inside the SharePoint portal. Panorama NovaView BI Platform also provides users with alerts that notify them when exceptions occur and send the alerts to users within the portal. By notifying users when significant changes occur, Panorama NovaView empowers employees to address potential problems before they become serious threats to the business, or allows them to rapidly take action on opportunities.

The Panorama NovaView BI Platform currently includes a Microsoft Excel client that integrates powerful analytics functionality into Excel, one of the most popular applications in the world for viewing and understanding data. The NovaView for Excel client allows users to transform static spreadsheets into dynamic tools for BI and enables them to perform deep analytics from within this familiar environment.

The Panorama NovaView BI Platform also includes NovaView PinPoint, which integrates with Microsoft MapPoint(TM) to project analysis results onto geographical maps, helping business decision makers to better understand their markets. The results can also be converted into a number of charts and as users change or upgrade that information, the corresponding changes are then reflected on the MapPoint map.

"Panorama has long been a driver of the growing popularity of Microsoft Analysis Services, which has grown to be the number one BI platform in the world today," said Rony Ross, chairperson and founder of Panorama. "We are now taking aim at bringing this same level of expertise to the Microsoft Office System. By integrating powerful BI functionality into the popular Office applications familiar to most business users, we are extending the reach and business benefits of BI beyond traditional data analysts throughout all corporate levels. As a result, our customers empower their employees to improve their strategic decisions and deliver better business results."


Panorama Software extends the reach of business intelligence (BI) by providing the highest performing, most functional and easiest to use solution to decision makers throughout the enterprise. The company's solutions maximize the Microsoft BI Platform and leverage the Internet to scale beyond the scope of today's existing solutions. Panorama NovaView(TM) BI Platform, the company's flagship solution, offers robust analytics, content delivery services and an application development platform that enables companies to transform volumes of data into relevant and actionable information. Panorama Software is dedicated to helping its customers increase revenue, reduce costs, unlock market opportunities and mitigate business risks. Founded in 1993, the company maintains offices in New York, London, Toronto and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit


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